Not everyone needs a full set of accounts produced, or an audit undertaken, so I give you the services you personally want:

  • Processing bookkeeping entries either on your own systems, or on ours, whichever works best for you
  • Reconciling cash and bank accounts to ensure all entries have been accurately recorded
  • Reconciling debtors ledgers to ensure you have a full picture of what money is due from your customers
  • Reconciling creditors ledgers and supplier statements where available, so that you can easily see what you owe to suppliers
  • Preparing monthly and/or quarterly management accounts for internal use so you can monitor business results regularly
  • Preparing accounts to trial balance level so that you can see the full effect of the debits and credits entered
  • Preparing full annual accounts, profit and loss and balance sheet, giving you all the information required for the annual tax return
  • Auditing of your own bookkeeping records, to give you comfort and provide guidance if required
  • Preparing and submitting VAT Returns
  • Payroll duties; calculating deductions, providing payslips and meeting HMRC filing requirements
  • Preparing budgets and cashflow forecasts for your use to assist with decision making and planning
  • Preparing and submitting Companies House forms, tax returns etc.